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I have blogged as The Goldwatcher since Wiley commissioned me to write The Goldwatcher – Demystifying Gold  Investing in March 2007. To demystify gold I followed a common sense approach structuring the content as a framework linking reliable information resources with simple arithmetic.  The formula worked for an exceptionally well timed book published in July 2008.

I launched the The Globewatcher blog  at the end of last year afer   Goldwatcher comments  had become more and more about events playing out on the world stage and less and less about gold.


The word  precarious  crops up again and again in comments on the seemingly endless stream of destabilising developments playing out on the world stage. These include a global refugee crisis, the menacing conflict in Ukraine,  Putin’s revanchism,  Middle East chaos, nuclear proliferation, the emergence of  Ebola and other lethal diseases, global debt surging faster than GDP growth, interest rate supression, wealth inequality  and potential  asset bubbles inflating North, South East and West.

There is also an elephant in the room – or should I say on the planet:


 The word precarity also being used now is useful.  If we hear this or that is precarious we might think “have heard that all before” and not take much notice.  But, if we hear the word precarity  our response is likely to be different. It will be stupid not to  take notice.


Investing strategies may have been seen as a  low priority for many of us.  But,in a climate of  of precarity,  following suitable strategies directed at risk control and strategies directed at recognising opportunities for profit  are likely to have life changing consequences.

We can choose strategies  between two extremes.  At one extreme the strategy is to follow our gut instincts –  what Keynes called our animal spirits.  At the other extreme  is the common sense strategy  based on reliable information and measurable forecast outcomes.  Or, put another way,  what this website promotes:


Accessible Information:

In the information age access to investor information  ranging from basic statistical idata to  macroeconomic issues  has been democratised.

We can dive in at the macroeconomics deep end  by listening to this presentation from on How The Economic Machine works by Ray Dalio, one of the world’s most successful money managers.



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